Helpful Homeowner Tips

Boca Raton Police Department 561-338-1217
Boca Raton Sheriff Office 561-852-7798
Delray Beach Police Department 561-243-7800
Delray Beach Sheriff Office 561-274-1075
Boynton Beach Police Department 561-742-6070

Bethesda Memorial Hospital 561-737-7733
Boca Raton Regional Hospital 561-955-7100
Delray Medical Center 561-498-4440
West Boca Medical Center 561-488-8000

ADT Security Services 561-404-0338
Vector Security 1-844-639-6741

Palm Beach County Water Utilities: Central 561-740-4600 Boca Raton 561-278-5135
Florida Power & Light 1-800-226-3545
Florida Public Utilities (Gas) 1-800-427-7712
AT&T 1-800-331-0500
Xfinity/Comcast 1-800-266-2278

Tips for Seasonal Residents

  • Service your air conditioner regularly and before an extended leave of time. We can assist in scheduling or handling this for you. Backed up water in the condensation line is one of the major problems leading to water issues in a house. A properly tuned air conditioner will save on energy and prolong the units life.
  • When leaving for the summer, be sure to empty your refrigerator and freezers of all perishable foods. In the event of a hurricane or extended power loss, spoiled food can leave an odor that cannot be gotten rid of.
  • Know where your “Water Main” shut off valve is. In case of a broken pipe or water leak, this bit of knowledge can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage and repair. We will be happy to assist in showing you the location of this for future reference.
  • Be aware of roof and pipe leaks and address them at once. Usually by the time you see a water mark on the walls or ceiling, the damage is well under way. It’s especially important to monitor exterior water marks that appear as brown spots on the fascia board.
  • Monitor utility bills monthly. If you notice electric or water bills that are too low or too high, that could indicate a problem. A low bill could indicate that your air conditioning is not functioning properly and lead to a mold problem. Likewise a high electricity bill could indicate that the AC unit is running excessively to try to satisfy the set temperature. A high water bill could indicate a break in the water main line, defective auto pool filler or a broken irrigation line for your sprinklers.